Board of Directors

Message from CEO

Although the unsettling clouds would still overshadow us during 2014, we at Amir Rice Mills are optimistic that we could likewise achieve our set goals if we continue to work with you as a team. So, to our business partners, who are indeed our stakeholders, we pledge to continue to encourage our after-sales services promotional team to be more proactive in their approach by making more frequent market visits to you, as well as conducting more rice seminars throughout the region. Such activities would provide opportunities for us to address your concerns and consider your recommendations as we aim at enhancing our deliverables


We are always eager to break the shackles that confine us to the norm, we aim to go beyond, and the only way to do that is to keep an eye towards the future. Amir Rice Mills will continue its efforts to produce and provide our customers with excellent quality products without compromising on service to our customers. Currently we are amongst the leading exporters of rice in the country, reaffirming our stance on quality. Today our firm has ultra-modern, fully automatic, computerized plants to provide our customers with the best quality of rice. Technologically advanced machinery dries the paddy for processing, automatic computerized machines removes the rice husk, polish, destine and sort out the best grains of Rice. Finally fully automatic machines are deployed for packaging purposes.


With operations and markets spanning the globe, we supply around 60 countries with diverse and nutritious rice products. Innovation is the key to our success and our brands represent superior taste experiences and quality around the world.