The story of the Amir Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd. begins with the founder Mian Abdul Rashid and dates all the way back to 1965. It was around that time he bought an ordinary traditional rice husking machine and by 1982 he had expanded by adding new machinery of paddy husking and milling with husk fire type paddy dryers to create what is today known as Amir Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd.

Our Journey

To achieve this, our team had to be innovative in every aspect of the marketing mix, including positioning, packaging, distribution and communication. This, no doubt, was a costly exercise, but turned out to be the right investment in the longer term. Amir Rice Mills’ per annum export of rice is about Rs.3000 million, exporting to countries such as: Muscat, Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Canada, Italy, USA and Sweden. Today Amir Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd brands “Safeena”, Classic 1121″, “Mehak”, “Jhalak”, “Rozana”, “Shahi Tukra”, “Daigi” are internationally recognized brands sold all over North America, Middle East and other markets such as Africa and Europe,

Mian Abdul Rasheed Late

Founder & Chairman

Amir Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd. history stretches back to 1965, when Mian Abdul Rasheed, founded the company. He held the responsibilities of the company’s chairman and around that time, he purchased a standard conventional rice husking machine. To build what is today known as Amir Rice Mills, he enlarged the company in 1982 by introducing new and innovative technology for rice husking and milling with husk fire-type paddy dryers.

Board Of Directors

Message From The CEO

Although the unsettling clouds would still overshadow us during 2014, we at Amir Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd are optimistic that we could likewise achieve our set goals if we continue to work with you as a team. So, to our business partners, who are indeed our stakeholders, we pledge to continue to encourage our after-sales services promotional team to be more proactive in their approach by making more frequent market visits to you, as well as conducting more rice seminars throughout the region. Such activities would provide opportunities for us to address your concerns and consider your recommendations as we aim at enhancing our deliverables

Mian Umair Aziz

Managing Director

“A business is only as good as the people who belong to it, make it grow and share its destiny”

I am privileged to lead a team dedicated to excellence in every grain. With a rich heritage in rice production and a commitment to innovation, our mills stand as beacons of quality and reliability in the industry. Guided by a vision of sustainable agriculture and technological advancement, we strive to optimize every aspect of the rice milling process, from cultivation to packaging. Through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge practices, we ensure that our rice not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of purity, nutrition, and taste. With each harvest, we reaffirm our dedication to nourishing communities and sustaining our planet. Together, we shape the future of rice production, one kernel at a time.

Mian Ammar Aziz

Director International Sales

“Our true mission as a business lies in providing quality in our products, and achieving the satisfaction of our clients internationally.”

I extend a message of global collaboration, vision, and excellence. Our international team’s diverse talents and unwavering dedication have propelled us to remarkable achievements across borders and cultures. Together, we embrace the opportunity to forge meaningful connections, deliver innovative solutions, and exceed the expectations of our global clientele. With a steadfast commitment to integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction, we navigate the complexities of the international market with confidence and purpose. Let us continue to unite our strengths, embrace diversity, and pioneer new pathways to success as we shape the future of our global presence.

Mian Uzair Aziz

Director International Marketing

“Decades of research and Years of development is what constitutes the excellence of Amir Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd..”

I am honored to convey a message of unity, innovation, and growth. Our team’s dedication to excellence has propelled us to new heights, and I am inspired by the collective effort that drives our success. Together, we embrace the challenge of delivering unparalleled value to our customers while maintaining unwavering integrity and commitment to quality. With a relentless focus on customer satisfaction and market expansion, we stand poised to conquer new frontiers and solidify our position as industry leaders. Let us continue to collaborate, innovate, and exceed expectations as we embark on this journey of shared achievement.

Our Vision

“To be the world’s leading Rice Mills admired by our people, product and performance”

Our mission is to make the world aware of the actual taste and aroma of pure basmati rice. Our beliefs are our greatest strengths and have contributed immensely in helping us emerge as one of the world’s best basmati rice mills and exporters. Taking forward the legacy of basmati rice in Pakistan, our beliefs have reinforced us through the last century and more.

Our Mission

At Amir Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd.  our mission is to deliver the highest quality rice products to our customers while maintaining sustainable and ethical practices throughout our operations. We are committed to utilizing innovative technologies and processes to ensure efficiency and consistency in our production. With a focus on customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility, we strive to be a trusted partner in providing nourishing and delicious rice for households around the world.

Gulfood, Dubai 2024

Gulfood 2024 marks the beginning of a new global chapter in the future of the rice industry. Amir Rice Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. participated where more than 5,500 leading food and beverage companies from over 190 countries came together.

Iftar Dinner 2024 Lahore, Pakistan

A dinner hosted by Amir Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd.  for its sales and distribution team is more than just a meal; it’s a gesture of appreciation, recognition, and camaraderie. These gatherings serve as a platform to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the sales and distribution team members who play a crucial role in the company’s success.

Knowledge and R&D

In house R&D is one of Amir Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd key strengths, in line with our promise of excellence and innovation in our production methods, equipment, and product quality. Our dedicated group of engineers and food technologists are continuously engaged in product and process improvements, striving to become Pakistan’s most advanced consumer foods and agri-business.

Custom Formulations

Amir Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd provides tailored formulations and products for its customers. We are committed to producing customised products and satisfying the diverse needs of all our customers, exploring new ideas and innovative methods.



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